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J Adhes Dent 19 (2017), No. 2     12. May 2017
J Adhes Dent 19 (2017), No. 2  (12.05.2017)

Page 121-127, doi:10.3290/j.jad.a38099, PubMed:28439576

Bond Strength to Eroded Enamel and Dentin Using a Universal Adhesive System
Frattes, Fabiana Cares / Augusto, Marina Gullo / Torres, Carlos Rocha Gomes / Pucci, Cesar Rogério / Borges, Alessandra Bühler
Purpose: To evaluate the influence of previous acid etching on the bond strength of a self-etch universal adhesive system on sound and eroded enamel and dentin.
Materials and Methods: Flat enamel and dentin surfaces were obtained from bovine incisors (n = 44) and divided into two groups according to the exposure to erosive conditions: sound (without erosion) and eroded (after erosive challenge with 0.3% citric acid, pH 2.6, 5 min, 4x/day, 5 days). Each group was then divided into two subgroups (n = 11) according to the application or not of 37% phosphoric acid before applying a universal self-etch adhesive. Single Bond universal adhesive (3M ESPE) was applied and composite blocks were built up using Amelogen Plus (Ultradent). Sticks (1 × 1 mm) were obtained and the microtensile bond strength (µTBS) was assessed using a universal testing machine at a speed of 1 mm/min. Data were analyzed with two-way ANOVA and Tukey's tests (p < 0.05).
Results: For enamel groups, significant differences were observed for erosive challenge (p = 0.034) and acid etching (p = 0.047), but not for the interaction between them (p = 0.182). The means ± SD (MPa) for the erosive conditions were: sound, 25.02 ± 5.82a; eroded, 28.45 ± 5.92b; and for acid etching: without, 24.89 ± 5.39a; with, 28.58 ± 6.23b (different superscript letters indicate significant differences). For dentin, both the erosive condition (p = 0.936) and acid pretreatment (p = 0.084), as well as their interaction (p = 0.107), did not affect the bond strength.
Conclusion: The erosive challenge and previous acid etching significantly increased the bond strength of the tested universal adhesive to enamel but not to dentin.

Keywords: tooth erosion, enamel, dentin, microtensile bond strength, adhesive system
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