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J Adhes Dent 19 (2017), No. 6     12. Jan. 2018
J Adhes Dent 15 (2013), No. 5  (15.10.2013)

Page 481-489, doi:10.3290/j.jad.a29583, PubMed:23593636

Percentage Exposure of Root Dentin Collagen After Application of Two Irrigation Protocols with Manual or Rotary Instrumentation and Two Methacrylate Resin-based Sealers
González-López, Santiago / Martín-Altuve, Ernesto / Bolaños-Carmona, Victoria / Sánchez-Sánchez, Purificación / Rodríguez-Navarro, Alejandro
Purpose: To compare the percentage of collagen exposed in dentin root thirds after two irrigation protocols with manual or rotary instrumentation using two methacrylate resin-based sealers.
Materials and Methods: Forty-eight single-root human teeth were prepared with manual (n = 24) or nickeltitanium ProFile rotary (n = 24) instrumentation, using 5% NaOCl between instruments and 5 ml 17% EDTA as final irrigant or 20% citric acid + 2% chlorhexidine (CHX) between instruments and as the final irrigant. RealSeal or EndoREZ were used as filling materials. One 1-mm slice per third was abraded and stained with Masson's trichrome method. Mean exposed collagen values were obtained in four areas from each section (at 60X magnification) and a complete factorial ANOVA was used to analyze the influence of the study variables. Non-parametric Mann-Whitney's test was used to compare groups. Differences with p < 0.05 were considered significant.
Results: A significantly higher percentage of collagen was exposed in all thirds with the use of the 20% citric acid + 2% CHX protocol with rotary vs manual instrumentation, but percent collagen exposed did not differ as a function of the filling material. After the 5% NaOCl + 17% EDTA protocol, the percentage of collagen exposed did not differ between rotary and manual instrumentation but was higher with the use of RealSeal.
Conclusion: The highest percentage exposure of collagen was with 20% citric acid + 2% CHX using rotary instrumentation, regardless of the filling material.

Keywords: citric acid, chlorhexidine, collagen exposure, EDTA, Masson's trichrome, methacrylate resin-based sealers
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